Why the Red Welly Boots?

Good question!

Way back in the early summer of 1978-ish, I was living in Termonfechin, when Termonfechin was a very small village, with husband, John and our two children. We lived a couple of hundred yards from Patton’s, the local shop and pub.

As I was just leaving the garden, late one sunny afternoon, I heard Lucy call, “Where are you going Mammy?” She was about three and a half at the time. An outgoing, sociable child with an insatiable curiosity, who liked to be at the very centre of things . . . . always!

“Just nipping down to the shop,” I answered, through the hedge. “I’ll only be a few minutes.”

“Can I come with you?” she asked.

“Ok,” I replied, I still couldn’t see her behind the thick hedge. “Come on then, hurry up.”

And hurry up she did! She came racing out the gate, onto the road, wearing a pair of little red welly boots – and not another thing.

“Lucy, where are your clothes?” I asked.

“I took them off. I’m hot. I don’t need them,” was her reasonable reply.

I hesitated for a moment and then thought, “Why not, very soon she will not be able to do this again, without one of us being arrested.” So off we went to the shop! Me, pregnant with number three, and Lucy free as a bird and naked as the day she was born…. except for the little red wellies!

As she grew, Lucy continued to be the same delightful, sociable child, always surrounded by a myriad of friends, albeit usually appropriately clad.

Years later, when she was in her early teens, in an attempt to embarrass her (the things we do to our kids), I recounted that story to a group of her friends. They were at that image-conscious, laid back stage and they, particularly the boys, thought it was hilarious. Lucy, being Lucy, was not a bit put out and laughed with the rest of them.

Again, the years passed and for her 18th birthday, a couple of the lads bought her a special gift.

Yes, you guessed it: a pair of little red welly boots, just about the right size for a three year-old!

I believe she still has them.

So, when JC in Mr. Wisscoccally needed a pair of wellies, there was no hesitation – red they would be. And when I needed a personal logo, for my website, for my Facebook page, there was no question, a foregone conclusion – a pair of red wellies – perfect! Semdemidi So!

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