Two Generations of Naggers

Updated: Sep 23, 2018

I give in!

6th October - still on balcony in Tenerife.

I always told stories to kids, off the top of my head.

"Will you tell us a Thomas story?" they would ask. "About what?" I would ask back, "you choose." Then some little voice would pipe up, "Thomas and the, eh, eh, Thomas and the Monsters." "No, Thomas and the Pyjamas, she choosed the last time!"

I liked doing it and the kids seemed to enjoy them. Later when our children were in their teens, they and/or my husband often remarked (putting it nicely) that I should write them down for posterity and I agreed many times and 'meant to' get round to it eventually. But life gets in the way.

My lovely grandchildren came along and they also enjoyed the same stories or versions there of, plus a few new ones. As the grandkids got bigger the questions started. "Do you write them stories Ruth? Why ? Will you write the Thomas Stories Ruth? Why?" But my daughter Clare finally and cruelly clinched it. On arriving home one day to find me telling a story to her boys, she dropped the bomb. "That's it Mam, disappoint another generation. You know when you die Thomas will die too - and all the rest of them!"

OK! Ok! I'll write the bloody stories and I started, only to find that the writing was the easy part, the fun and engaging part. NOW I have to sort out this blog thing.

Oh Yes! I had a Eureka moment last night and looked up the word blog - one g - and now I can spell it. I even know where the word came from. It's a small start but it's a start!!

Clare is going to set up my website - no hurry child I have nothing ready to put up yet.

AJ said he will set me up on Youtube. He and John promised to do a few videos of me reading a story or two and show me how to upload them. And I am going to ask Luke (eldest grandson) to explain the mysteries of Instagram and other social media sites.

I only wanted to tell a few stories. Sigh!

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