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Updated: Sep 23, 2018

And just give it a go!

5th October 2017 and I'm writing my first 'Writer's Blog?" (How do I spell blog? Is it one 'g' or two?)

So, here I am on a little balcony in Tenerife, sitting down at a plastic table with a view of the hotel car park and the service yard. The air is balmy - so am I - and there is a gentle breeze

Already, I'm sure you have guessed some of my problems!! If I can't even spell blog(g) it's pretty evident I've never read one let alone written one...bad start but honest. I'm a dinosaur.

What to say!!! What to write!!! "It's a sort of diary," I'm told by my daughter, "of your experience as a writer. About what you're doing. Where you want this thing to go. That sort of stuff AND you need to link it to a professional website and your social media accounts."

See! There, all my problems and worries in a few sentences.

Main Problem:

I am in my 60's. I am firmly rooted in the other 60's i.e. the 1960's.

It is hard to admit to myself that all my closest relationships have suddenly gone into reverse.

I used to be:

The know-all nurse - the turn-to tutor - the advising mammy - the granny with all the answers - the wise one - the oracle...... Now I am asking my child how to write a blog(g)! AND when I asked about a Youtube account she referred me to my grandchildren!!!!

So, I swallowed my pride and did just that. "No problem!" said my grandson. "It's simple enough. I did my own." YOU DID YOUR OWN - you're only 11, smart arse!!!!

A concerned, innocent face says, "You automatically have a Youtube account if you have a Gmail account. Have you something to upload?" He looked so knowledgeable and patient, like a professor addressing the student least likely to succeed. I just know he was secretly gloating at how things had changed.

Quietly to myself - I already have an account but I just need something to put up. Aloud "Yes, I KNOW THAT (everyone knows that), I just want you to show me how it's done!!!"

"Come on then and I'll show you. Anyone can do it (even the elderly) you'll soon get the hang of it." I can see the doubt in his eyes.

Quietly to myself - Oh My God I hope so, or I'll have to ask again.

And it's all your fault Catherine Ryan Howard. Look what you've done!!

I went to an event called 'Is Self Publishing for you?' and was catapulted into a different world - beamed into a parallel universe.

You see, I've written a few short stories and one bigger work of children's fiction and, of course, submitted one of them here and there to a couple of publishing companies- BECAUSE THAT IS THE WAY TO DO THINGS, the way it was always done. Remember I am rooted (Ruthed!) in the 60's - and what am I listening to - Amazon, Kindle, websites, Facebook, Twitter (reminds me of Donald Trump), Instagram, Youtube, self promotion and of course blog(g)s.

It all sounded so exciting, so new, so dynamic, so terrifying, so bloody impossible. I'm going to give it a try. Why not, that's what Mad Granny's do.

Thank you Catherine Ryan Howard, you threw down the challenge, and I'm taking it. You have inspired me.

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