Suitably Chastened

Updated: Sep 23, 2018

Not to mention disappointed.

It's all about learning what you can and can't do!

Determination, enthusiasm and willingness to have a go are all very fine, but what is essential to any project is good oul' 'know-how'.

Those traits of character that most of us possess to some degree are so admired and lauded:

'Her enthusiasm is inspiring!'

'See that determination. Wow!'

'Talent is such a gift!'

There is not the same awe for plain old 'know-how', the nuts and bolts of knowledge. Practical, functional stuff holds no magic.

But it is like a beating heart - doing that mundane, plod along, work-a-day business that makes it possible for our thoughts to run free, and all the abstract elements, imagination, determination and inspiration, to flourish. A degree of plain old uninspiring 'know-how' is essential to nearly everything we do!

Well! I have learned that little lesson - huge lesson - the hard way, the cruel way, the 'so you thought you could do it on your own' way. Idiot!

My last blog, 15 Oct, was gung-ho, so full of the innocent confidence of the ignorant, I blush.

I have to laugh though! You'd think I should have grown out of the "I can do it myself" attitude long ago.

Almost single-handedly, I EVENTUALLY succeeded in publishing my little book - Halloween Horrors - on Kindle - without a front cover - imagine trying to sell a book on Kindle without an image!!!! Hang my head.

Add to that, when you go to search on Kindle you will find a plethora of works entitled Halloween Horrors - all with front cover images - mine being uniquely distinguishable by not having one.

It had taken me all day to fail thus, so I crawled back into my 'I'm just an old granny' mode and, suitably deflated, went back to playing Candy Crush, and huffed.

Anyone out there know of a "How to Un-Publish, from Kindle, a Book Without a Cover" class, for the clueless?

I'm afraid Halloween Horrors has missed its moment. It exists faceless, crying out to be noticed.

So, see what I mean! I have any amount of imagination, determination and enthusiasm but a whacking great dearth of honest 'know-how'.

I've dispensed with the Candy Crush and feel the rise of determination again.

I'll self-publish on Kindle - Oh yes I will! - I'll just get someone to do it for me and I'll watch to see how it's done.

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