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Updated: Sep 23, 2018

of sorts

Last Sunday 15th Oct 2017 is a blur. Two of my grandsons turned up to help their techno-illiterate/phobic O.A.P. grandparent get started on Youtube and Facebook.

Slight flight of thought here - Since John Campbell, my husband, died some years ago, I have been in receipt of the Widow’s Pension. That doesn't sound so bad, sad but not bad. All widows get it, be they 20 or 90 - great little country we have - so no matter how sad, the widow’s pension is not ageist. The Old Age Pension on the other hand really sounds awful, changes your view of yourself, your classification.

When I turned 66 - feeling 46 - thinking 36, the lovely lady behind the desk said, "No need to change, they are the same amount so, save the paperwork, stay on the widow's pension.

"What" I squeaked, "you mean......."

"Yes!" she smiled cheerily, "you need never be an Old Age Pensioner officially."

Well! I left said office with wings on my runners. I'd been a widow for 14 years and, putting emotions aside, had got used to the fact - but now here is the news - officially I will never be old. Groovy! Cool!

Sorry about that diversion ...but ISN'T IT GREAT!

Back to last Sunday: the Techno Team set me up with a Youtube account - The Mad Granny tells Thomas Stories, and two videos were uploaded 'Who is Thomas', a sort of introduction to Thomas, I was very nervous, it's a bloody awful video, never want to see it again, and Monster Mad, I did a little better, my first Thomas Story to be released to the world.

Then there was Facebook - we had a go at that too.

Within a couple of hours, I had two videos on Youtube and a Facebook account and not the foggiest clue what to do with either.

I can only apologise to the people who 'liked' some of my 'posts' and 'commented' on them - who accepted or were offered my 'friendship' because I don't quite know what to do with any of it now I have it.

All that is about to change - Daughter Lucy is calling this evening to deliver the All You Need to Know about Facebook - And After That Mother You Are On Your Own - Lesson and rightly so.

Still on last Sunday, I had a go - all by myself - at the blog thing and am now writing my 4th blog.

Feeling a tiny bit smug - I'd love to be striding confidently through all this but I'm tottering, though I hasten to add, not like someone about to fall, rather like someone about to start walking independently.

By the end of next week I hope to have - with the help of Vivienne Byrne - our first work uploaded on Kindle. Entitled:

Halloween Horrors, 3 Thomas Stories, written by The Mad Granny, AKA Ruth Campbell. Illustrations by Vivienne Byrne.

Just have to figure out how to do it!!!!!

Hmmmmm! Now let's see.........

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