Looking into the Abyss

Updated: Sep 23, 2018

Where to go! What to do!

Everything looks lovely. The cover looks lovely - beautiful in fact.

The illustrations look lovely - stunning in fact.

All the characters look just as they should - it really looks great.

Everyone says, "You must be so excited, so proud, so delighted!"

And yes! I am, and scared, and bewildered, and lost.

I have a hoard of brown boxes, stacked up like illicit merchandise under the desk in my little office. They are whispering things to me - nasty little things like - "Now, what are you going to do with us, you eejit? We are going to be here forever - silently packed together in cardboard - all your words stifled, all your character mute and never to be heard of again, nobody will want us... " and words to that effect.

My first children's story has at last been born, delivered last Wednesday.

That is just what it feels like. Remember that feeling, when you hold your first baby in your arms and you are overcome with awe, yet at the same time wondering, 'what in heavens name happens now?' You are used to the planning, the waiting for the day, the anticipation, the hope.... and then suddenly you are landed with it..... reality.

Mr. Wisscoccally is mine now, my responsibility, and I have to figure out how best to prepare him for his future, to let him out into the world, to be proud of him even if he fails, to love him even when others laugh at him.

I grapple, in horror, with the thought of a book launch. I shrink away from words like promotion, publicise, distribution, someone even asked about the selling price...... of my off-spring, my own issue!!!

Oh, Help Me! I am looking into an abyss and I don't know what to do, where to go..... Semdemidi So!

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