It’s Risky

Updated: Sep 23, 2018

It is, you know!

8th Oct. on the balcony again (still).

It’s a risk, this business of publishing your own work (erstwhile past-time).

Letting it go!

Offering it to others!

Opening it to inspection and criticism!

Because it is not just your writing you're exposing, it's a little bit, sometimes a large bit, of yourself.

And I suppose that's OK if you are writing a modern day War and Peace. When your work will be read and inspected by the deep thinkers, historians and academics and if they don't like, well, they are notoriously hard to please - and picky. It's probably not too scary if you are trying to be the next Lee (Leanne) Child and you are going to be read and judged by all of us adventure and mystery buffs and you are unconcerned by the opinions of the historians and the literati. BUT when you write children's stories, you are opening yourself to the criticism of two of the most demanding audiences possible i.e. parents .......... and their children! AAAARRRGG!!

If I were to fail to climb Mount Everest I wouldn't be crushed but if I were to fail to mount the wee hill at the end of the street, I would be devastated.

The stories I have written are light and airy children's stories, meant to entertain the kids and make them laugh or hold their breaths in suspense, delight in mischief or cheer when the bully is exposed. What if I can't do that? What if they're shite? What if the mothers tut and say 'drivel' and the kids say, 'Not another Thomas Story Mam. They are simply an affront to our intelligence and add nothing to our education or the nurturing of our tender minds.' Imagine writing a kid's story that KIDS think is lousy, a story only your own kids could love!!!!!!!

My work will be seen – hopefully (I think) by the critics: Parents! Children! Other writers. Real writers that know things that I don't know - like blogs (only one g) and social media and personal websites - important things like that - things that grannies don't know - and, worse still, it will be seen by PEOPLE I KNOW!!!!

Hold it! I'm a grown-up, an adult! I can do this self-publishing thing!

Can't I?

Help me my grandchildren, I need your knowledge, experience and wisdom.

Relationship reversal.

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