If I had a hole . . . . .

Updated: Sep 23, 2018

Pure Poetry

I got into a silly-poetry writing mood a few weeks ago! You know one of these periods of time when you enjoy thinking sideways, a little bit askew. It is always fun when it happens.

So, I wrote a few poems. One was called If I had a Hole. First, I imagined seeing a hole in the ground – just a dark round blot – the opening of a deep hole. Then I imagined picking  up the edge of it, with the finger and thumb of both hands, sort of pinching it up daintily. As one does when lifting up a hole!!!!

Then I stood, with the hole held between fingers and thumbs, and it hanging down like a piece of dark wet cloth.

Then I folded it up!

Bet you can picture it clearly.

So the first few lines went:

If I had a hole I would keep it, folded up in a very safe place.

There’s nothing in a hole, so let’s face it, it wouldn’t take up much space.

When I’d need it, I would unfold it, for things exciting and cool.

On a hot day, full of water, I’d have a deadly swimming pool! 


Isn’t it amazing how one can amuse oneself so innocently?

Anyway, on that particular day I called one of my muses, the quirky one, and she and I had some fun together.

That’s one of the great things about writing for children, I can let my dippy side show.

On reflection, maybe the children are an excuse, and I am writing nonsense just because I like to.

I went on to write a few poems that day, every one of them, equally, a work of art. A masterpiece!

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