So Much To Do

Updated: Sep 23, 2018

And it's late . . . .

I’m back to Abbey Lane Studios tomorrow at 10am.

Right now I am brain dead from listening to the chapters I have already recorded, checking for mistakes, hesitations where there shouldn’t be, horrible little mouth sounds, missing words, gulps, sighs, passages without life, getting excited and speaking too fast, being boring and speaking too slow. It is hard to believe how many ways you can muck up a recording!!!

However, I’m off to give it a go again tomorrow – my very best shot. Wish me luck folks!

I think tomorrow I will hear the music that my story has inspired Eric to write!

Is that not surreal?

Is it not fantastic that life can be so new – so fresh with possibility – so promising of adventure – so damned alive – for an old granny?

But it is!

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