Thomas Just Loved Hallowe'en


Thomas just loved Hallowe’en

No lessons today - Lovely!

Just games and dressing up at school

As witch or wizard, ogre or ghoul

Or skeletons, bones, scary and thin,

Or pirates with swords and an evil grin.

Then, “Storytime,” Miss O’Brien did say.

Wish it was Hallowe’en every day.

Thomas just loved Hallowe’en

No Homework today – Lovely!

The fire was lit, mam made tea,

Toasted Hallowe’en brack for Isabella and me

Watched scary programmes on telly

Zombies, dead and very smelly

Then, “Storytime”, dad did say.

Wish it was Hallowe’en every day.


Thomas just loved Hallowe’en

It was a long day – but lovely!

Alone in his bed – he had no worries

Witches aren’t real – only in stories

“Monsters won’t eat me in one bite

Ghosts don’t creep up to give me a fright.

"Scary stories,” Thomas did say

“Are all very well during the day!”


But wait! What’s that rushing sound?

Is it wind swishing round and round?

Or are there silent spirits out there

Swirling through the dark night air?

Thomas lifted the duvet and cuddled under.

Hugged Bodyguard, shook his head in wonder!

“Parents and teachers are weird,” he said

“They frighten us to death, then send us to bed.”

Thomas whispered in Bodyguard’s ear,

“Glad it's Hallowe’en, only once a year!”

Is There Magic in the Wood? 

Inspired by Mr Wisscoccally


Is there magic in the wood?

Is it bad or is it good?

Did a wizard clear the thorns away

And leave soft grass so we can play?

Under trees, tall as towers

Scattered round with pretty flowers

Every bird and every bee

Every squirrel in every tree

And rabbits too, without exception

Whisper, whisper that same question

Is there magic in the wood?

Is it bad or is it good?

Did some fairy clear the briars away

And leave this lovely place to play?

Big People

When I was two and very small

I could hardly talk at all

Grown-ups tried to teach me words

Like mama, dada, dog, cat, bird.

So, I learned to say things!


Now I’m seven and I like to chat

To tell stories about this and that.

Now my mam says, “Shush, I’m on the phone!”

My teacher says, “No talking ‘til you’re home!”

So, I’m learning not to say things.


Big People are Strange!!!

If I Had a Hole

A very serious poem


If I had a hole I would keep it

folded up in a safe place.       

An Empty hole so, let’s face it -

it wouldn’t take up much space.


When I need it I would unfold it,

for things exciting and cool,

In the summer, full of water,

I’d have a deadly swimming pool.


If I was trapped or in prison,

I would not worry at all

I would take out my hole and unfold it,

and use it to get through the wall.


I would use it to trap monsters

and leave them there to rot

I’d pick up my hole by the edges 

and tie them in a granny knot.

A hole would be a good place to hide

if there was a terrible storm

I’d open it wide, climb inside:

safe and cosy and warm.


But if I dropped it inadvertently

and no one fell in but mé féin

I would say, fairly certainly,

I’d never be heard of again